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School Week for Scouting

School Week for Scouting

School Week for Scouting (SWFS)


is a Council-wide recruiting initiative to have one week in September when families can join Scouting in each town. The plan is to have recruiting during the week of September 15-19, 2014 at 7:00 pm in elementary schools in Patriots' Path Council. Members of the Scouting community are available to help support this initiative by volunteering on that date to help the units.

School Week for Scouting Plan:

  • Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops will run a pack meeting or will have demonstrations and exhibits.
  • Scouting information including what Scouting is, parent responsibility, and how to enroll will be given to those present.
  • Applications and fees will be collected that night.
  • New Scouts will be invited to pack or troop and district Fall activities.
  • Registration forms for upcoming training courses for new leaders will be distributed and collected.

School Week Resources

Follow Up

Site coordinators will collect applications, training registrations, and attendance sheets.
Copies of applications will be emailed by council to unit leaders.
The organizer and/or the membership committee will organize new units as necessary.
New Scouts will be called to ensure they have been assimilated into a pack/troop.

School Access

We need to get information on Cub Scouts to students at our school(s.) How do we distribute information in my school system?

Click here to check out access in your school September 15-19, 2014. Find out whether to it is permitted to send fliers and whether fliers should be electronic or paper and whether Scouts can wear uniforms on your recruiting day.

Patriots' Path sent a letter to School Superindentents requesting school access. Click here for a copy of the letter.

Uniform Day

Many schools have approved Boy Scout uniforms to be worn to publicize School Week for Scouting. For the list of schools that are permitting uniform day check here.

Boy Talks

Many schools welcome Scout leaders or Boy Scouts into the school during lunch or assembly for a 5 minute boy talk. For more information on boy talks, click here. If you need help with boy talks, please speak with your district executive.

Boy Talk videos:
Look at youtube.com videos on boy talks for more ideas - click here to see the videos.