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Starting a Unit


1. A community organization agrees to consider using the program to help meet its youth objectives.

2. An organizer confers with the community organization head, explaining how Cub Scouting and the organization can serve youth together.

3. An organizing committee, selected by the organization head, meets to plan the next steps.

4. The organization formally adopts the program and confirms the appointment of a chartered organization representative and key pack leadership.

5. The organizer conducts two orientation meetings for parents and prospective leaders. A unit commissioner is assigned by the district to help the pack.

6. The registration of the pack committee, pack leaders, and boys is completed.

7. The charter application is completed and submitted to the council.

8. The new leaders are trained in program planning, and the first month's program is developed.

9. The pack begins its meetings.

10. The pack is installed, with a presentation of the charter to the organization leadership.

Contact Art Lobdell at [email protected] if you would like to start a new unit in your community.

Requirements for organizing a unit

Responsibilities of the chartered organization